06 June 2012

Political Inconsequentia


Crikey, allowing politicians unlimited
say on things they think are germane
will plague us with weird peccadilloes
and inane ‘inconsequentia’;

This Nation’s issues aren’t weighed in
behaviours intended as personalised
projections on re-election prospects, or
faddish attempts to bolster popularity

Yet we’re to decide on significance of
uranium sales to India AND a free vote
on if, or whether, there should ever be
legal recognition of gay marriage

I understand the uranium thingy but
contending OUR conscience needs to
be set straight with a critical vote on
gay marriage completely buggers me

It hasn’t the status of global warming,
refugees seeking political asylum, toxic
debt affecting world-wide economies
yet it pretentiously assumes the same

Europe’s financial crisis is a calamity of
greater significance than any factionally
universal tendentious whingeing – ‘tho
even that has contagious portent

and that’s what really worries me...
© 15 November 2011, I. D. Carswell