09 July 2012



not alone but wrapt in solitude,
there’s so much more to occupy
your eyes and ears outback; the
stars at night will empathise to
kindly help your sleep’s respite

night’s benevolence is even as
unique, the plants and animals
won’t seek to bother you unless
you have benighted them with
carelessly and arrogant deceit

the day’s long heat slows pacing
to a leisurely but focussed gait –
cool oases do accommodate with
sweetened water free to those
who learned to share

music low on radio dissuades all
dare of shadows in ambivalence,
they have to wait a way beyond
this campfire’s glow, it is a stasis
which invigorates

not alone and freed the burden
of rapport, freed within your play
on words, evading where emotion
fans dry humour into gales of
grandly sham concupiscence
© 17 April 2012, I. D. Carswell