17 July 2012

State Of Origin III

You have to say it, the Blues
deserved to lose; if nothing
else would do it all that pre-
game ‘New South Wales’ bullshit
fuelled by egotistic misanthropy
towards the Sunshine State failed
to cruel what was always going
to be the Maroon’s finest hour –

Oh yeah, euphemistically
billed as: ‘mate against mate’,
or more accurately, enthusiastic
sadists systematically beating
the crap out of each other
for a substantial wage

Whether you see nobleness
and ancient tribal symbolism
magnificently displayed in this
battle for Honour of Origins
matters less than the space
reserved for rancour you’re
sure to encounter should
you lose or miserably fail

But so what, let’s state it as
decently as we’re able – yet
with good grace, can anything
feel better than seeing hopeless
frustration on a beaten-again
New South Welshman’s face?
© 5 July 2012, I. D. Carswell

Queensland wins 8th straight NRL
State of Origin series – beating
NSW in Brisbane 22 – 21