16 July 2012

Flawless Concepts

If they’re alien we’ve a bunch
more to learn about whom
and what we think we are –

in my view stuff I see is real
but I can’t guess what you or
they can or cannot see

I think for sure I’m one of a
kind and if there’s more it’s
extremist redundancy we’d 

have as laughable; if we’re
not consciously linked why
bother with exact duplicates

Arguing that things apart and
distinct from my perception of
me are alien makes sense, it

defines cognizant relations in
the gap where I end and what
ever it is out there begins

But you insistently say aliens
are proven and for real, so I
have to wonder whether you

actually mean me or whether
you’re disagreeing with your
flawless concept of identity
© 11 April 2012, I. D. Carswell