13 July 2012

A Thousand Words

Portsea 1969

Isn’t true to what the picture says if
you’re shrugging it off already as an
aberration - apart from staging a posed
class photograph there’d be no way of
getting that gang’s attention easily

It may have something to do with the
tradition of a common cause and a few
refined drinks in hand while standing
in the Ante Room of the Cadet’s Mess
awaiting the call to dine

I guess a difference is the way we
seemed so damn innocently dressed
in customary regalia which wasn’t
too preposterously inane for who
and what we were supposed to be

We weren’t all into pretence, but
there’s no way we’d agree we were
the same – no grander personality or
stronger presence took centre stage
uniformly dressed as casually!
© 26 April 2012, I. D. Carswell