12 July 2012



Listening to the morning
show on ABC’s like being
back in school – you’re
told what IS and ‘experts’
cruel your awkward ears;
today explains how ‘
this is
’ and ‘that is this’ and
who’re you to disagree?

At last it dawns, its politics
designed to flog attention
spans already spread too
thin to inoculate against
the criticism we’re not
even trying to stay awake

Amateur theatre oozes – 
histrionic voice bytes play
alleging direst emotive
consequences in National
interest; automatically
robotic yawning begins

Luckily survival instinct
locates an ‘off’ button on
radio’s thinking it matters
more than tried ambience
of an undebated cause; if
balance really does matter
you’d think it treasonous
to upset ensuing calm
© 23 April 2012, I. D. Carswell