30 September 2012



Half-way to grandparenthood (in a
manner of speaking) with washing
out to dry on a fine day although
clouds shred a cerulean sky

A bit facetiously I say – it’s as cold
outside as billyo but there’s ample
compensation with warm company
of the Tamworth mob to go 

Grandkids generate clement heat
but they’re off at an AM birthday –
it seems deserted without being
regularly ambushed at the pass

To keep engaged means finding
small tasks lost in the child raising
rush, I’ve sprayed frost-surviving
dandelions and wild clover patches

Also fixed the bubble stick, made
up a detergent mix – that’ll likely
win me accolades though prompt
a peevish fight or two I’d guess

With Missy three and Master two
there’s no queue to harmony but
at least playpen confinement spells
help maintain an easy peace

Then there’s Baby James who, in
spite of anarchy, rules the roost
between feeds with his quietly
bemused yet refined dignity

While it is calm I find anxiety in
silence is ominous as a sense of
dread, but the car just drove in –
we’ll soon be engaged again
© 20 August 2012, I. D. Carswell