27 September 2012


There is a better acronym translation for
N.S.W., – initials that once stood for New
South Wales, but ‘in-jest’ contention from
Northern Borderers believes ‘N’ stands for
‘Nitpicking sense of grandiose, over-blown
self-importance’ starting with “I am” and
assuming “We (all other States) agree”.

On ‘S’ cry your eyes out– suspicious is a
grand start-point though supercilious is a
better guess, and we’re not finished, how
about sanctimonious? That’ll do – a holier-
than-thou view which fits the facts in rare
concord with what we see this side of that
ill-defined thing described ‘The Border’.

‘Wingers’ springs to mind as concrete sign
of ‘W’ revealed in Sydney’s cultural cringe,
one’s told there’s nothing outside the city
anyway but spoofed ideas of home-grown,
rustic rubes posing as drooling red-necks,
might be true, on Sydney’s malaise rural
cognoscenti are all of the same opinion

So Nitpicking, Sanctimonious, Wingers is
the go, you can see it on the road signs
when you cross the border, hear it from
radio why City-States like Sydney think
they need tell us how to live properly –
or we’d never know what was enjoyable
except by migrating anyway
© 18 August 2012, I. D. Carswell