17 September 2012

Own Right

own right

Isn’t much space between an
upwind passage and a course
that narrows each day; age is
the enemy & time no consort
‘tho a benign witness better
met to greet the open way;

Endless choice endows a raw
hand, offers more chances to
hedge debt, yet hesitation to
choose looks less binding to
an observer visibly complicit
in this unending fugue

If it’s true that life goes on it
can be seen in the distance as
clearly as each new wave crest
flutters momentarily into view
and fades; horizons imagined,
destinations played out

Answers in the vastness of this
ocean’s doubt do exist – seeking
one for its own sake makes the
purpose of finding nothing suits
a journey worthy for each one
to live his life in his own right
© 2 August 2012, I. D. Carswell