16 September 2012

Steering Clear


Neighbourhood morons managed it again,
seems their dysfunctional malaise breeds
blasé stupidity on a scale you could only
measure against, dare I say, politicians!

Not that they’re delegate aspirant, or at
all talented beyond inventive avoidance
strategies regarding school attendance
and prospects of stable employment

I’ll admit their recreational vehicle choice
and driving disabilities show abnormality
symptoms well in excess of the esoteric
urban-enclave dirt-bike & 4WDmania

In that sense they’re normal – disquiet
comes from dog pack infamy in a fenced
canine enclosure secured on three sides
but with gates left open 24/7 anyway

Who’s training who and for what reason is
an obscurity – the dogs don’t obey any rules
evident except those for self-preservation
and how to ride noisily in back of a ute

Intelligence seeks clarification and one such,
a cute Siberian Husky crossbred, fled; gentler,
friendlier dogs don’t exist – so what does it
say of proclivities regarding the rest?

It suggests we need keep taking tablets to
effect relief of allergies their malaise breeds,
even our own dogs, apart from vociferously
barked comment, steer pointedly clear
© 7 August 2012, I. D. Carswell