18 October 2012

Lines Of Sight


Simplicity won accolades before a blind of
crapulous ethnicity – but God’s sake,
a day
with a Clancy th’ feckin’ ref ‘n Bokkes the
; not ordinary foe – they play rules
out of the dark ages but they’re hard and
worthy of respect. Problem’s ‘n Irish wuss
who’s lost his wee pack of nappies on the
referees bus t’ th’ bloody game

But it’s Rugby – ‘n a test of teams’ better’n
this Limerick red-warrior’s ever likely ref’d
before in his mordant career; sadly he’s the
object of disdainful antipathy on both sides
– and derision rides his lines of sight in
sombre concert with the linesmen’s jeer
© 15 September 2012, I. D. Carswell