19 October 2012

Heart Of Conondale


Quite a weekend all the same
tracking off on a trip to Witta
Saturday – a thought was for
coffee maybe then rethinking
intentions – liked the cadence
of Conondale’s name

No recall of a visit before but
it’s on Kenilworth road, so off
we go – cruising sweet down
country lanes, lavish scenery
each side like breathtakingly
lush afterthoughts

That part was easy, enjoying
divergent country views with
a fine appreciation of what &
for whom well managed land
is a measure of – lantana &
wild tobacco as give-aways

However Conondale blooms
is not clear – the School fair
with crowded market stalls &
General Store are practically
all that’s there; but anyway –
Kenilworth’s down the track

Coffee at the pub, a no-frills,
time-stood-still village boozer
less pretentious airs, visit to
the Cheese Factory; village
Rodeo’s in town with y’all
costumed ‘yee-haws’ about

Penny drops on the way back;
travelling main roads won’t
see it – maps conspire to not
show character embedded in
landscape which replenishes
and refreshes without favour

Home via Kidman Creek track
memories of Obi Obi in flood,
hinterland’s moral league in
Montville & Mapleton shuns
Maleny, demeans Eumundi
like it’s the aberration 

Ah, the ticket; ideas to take
pleasure expressed best as
exclusion plans, divert onto
Postman’s Track – Ahern Road,
go back-country a-ways, reach
for the heart of Conondale
© 17 September 2012, I. D. Carswell