21 October 2012

Survive This Test


Heard him say, “We want to know
what’s going through their heads.”
It’s an earnest quest and the right
thing to say, but unnecessary

Words singeing their ears clearly
display antisocial behaviours, this
is inspiration out of an incendiary
Mullah’s pitiless hafiz rhetoric

He’s cause for what we condemn
as intolerable - citing defence of
the good prophet’s temperament
doesn’t excuse criminal acts

Our laws apply equally to all, and
to blame irrational deeds enacted
at the prophet’s behest upon law
enforcement agencies is insane

Sydney’s Muslim Leaders want to
know why they went crazy – try
blaming extreme points of view
espoused by jihadist fanaticism

Christianity took a thousand years
to reign in insanity claiming to be
true belief; maybe the prophet can
be encouraged by that

If Islam’s majority firms stance
rationally against fundamentalist
bigotry there’s a decent chance
we’ll survive this test
© 18 September 2012, I. D. Carswell