15 November 2012

Also Rans

In essence is this man so plainly greater
than a sum of glamorous frippery, score
him dilettante or take a bow to baldness
unabashed, crassly ignore his pine to fit
a rash of humpty-do applause; perforce
he merely plays a role he was assigned

His derrière’s appeal prevailed despite
the mensurations made proposing there
concealed proportions flawed, kickbacks
easy fraught as civic aid abused, a ‘lam’
minorities who’d cottoned on could see
as jam a-spread their rubric bread

His sway appealed in grace and charm
although a reputation blued a bit with
tragic views he’s far too squeaky clean –
of course that thought distorts the true
conceit; in politics he’s made himself a
haughty ruling chimpanzee and plays a

character recalled from years gone by
to fit the role denied as ‘pre-arranged’. 

We had to abstract that disgrace in case 
the eye deceived, and what we saw was
evidence indeed he’s trusted as a patsy
for the property but yet lamb

And that I really like for irony so damn
or banish me. Give me mice when men
who hide behind a desk command. You
feed at length their cheesed obedience
or stand a chance the trap will snap on
also-rans for fancy free
© 6 October 2012, I. D. Carswell