14 November 2012

Rhetorical Saliva


Not particularly caring who wins the Presidential
race don’t make me an unworthy automatically – 
that’s a crappy allegation; one of the pair’s going
to grace some leading demographic tap or other,
gain an unprecedented grade no-one mentioned
previously and ease himself into the presidential
suite before hullabaloo quietens to dull shush, its
happened time and again – and so say all of us

Fortunately the winner is merely President – still,
his wolf-pack salivates at the gate lolling tongues,
a Party thwarted in quest for absolute gustatory
ascendency; hunger like that threatens appetite
and aggrieves sanity which, surely my friends,
is a downer y’all can conceivably live without
© 17 October 2012, I. D. Carswell

Please note I discretely waited until after the election result.