23 November 2012

Bureaucratically Deaf


Been waiting five weeks for the
Canberran bureaucratically-veiled
megalomaniac ant masquerading
as a civil servant (totally failed)
to tick a box; and yeah, I know
delay’s an embodiment of those
wanna-be true-blue pretensions 
in anonymous pen-pushing irks
lost in drawers of Government
desks – but this sets standards
too bloody hard to exceed

And I was warned to expect at
least three – seriously, a known
fact they said, you won’t get to
see anything before that unless
you’ve the means to effect a bit
of pressure subtly; a revelation 
eh, subtle as in cricket bat? Do I
go bat for me? Crikey, they say,
nah, delay’s so their mates can
get away with the long drop on
you Vets who always complain

Naively I’d agreed eerie silence
perceived was due to my ├ęclat
in paucity of hearing – that is
explained at least; it starts as
an aggrieved anthology fitting
character and doggerel of these
minor bureaucrats functionally
deaf to hearing-impaired pleas,
despairing gratuitously on their
part that they amount to well
less than the wind of a fart
© 27 September 2012, I. D. Carswell