22 November 2012

Comic Relief

Joe Hockey

What the Member for Givusm’mallet says about
the way tax on digging up things was released
improperly by the Minister is about as relevant
as claiming mining isn’t revenue blessed & way
too sensitive for news radio debate, he goes on
air anyway to rave on social responsibility and
doing your sums etcetera mattering more than
the few billion dollars clearly at stake;

In the event it is said to be revenue neutral in
this instance for the right fiscal reasoning – so
his upstaging is scarcely news yet ABC gives it
a coup of right of reply and equal air time for
reasons that escape me, and he cants ‘n carps
as nimbly as a mainstream comedian

Political theatre isn’t really new or even news-
worthy – yet getting reciprocal time and space
for reply seems to suggest it meets some need
we agreed to pay for; too true, a lack of news
always justifies comic relief, it is like listening
to Gollum glibly lisping about telling the truth
© 25 October 2012, I. D. Carswell