05 November 2012

Calendar 2012


An awesome foursome
featured are all growing fast
and by July I know there will
be five, and not the last
I’m reassured

Pictures, yes, but more
than merely memories of time
well spent, more than simple
images to represent
those early days

And they delight in every
way that liveliness enchants
infectiously, supplanting
age intrigues and
caution’s chariness

They’ll bless each day
within the year to come with
guileless charm – and we
will bathe in comforts
they proliferate

A calendar to hang upon
a wall of sunlit dreams
and cheer the gaze – there’ll
be a splendid welcoming
each waking day
© 30 December 2011, I. D. Carswell

In gratitude for the magnificent Carswell
Grandchildren 2012 Calendar