25 November 2012

Political Spam


No-longer being a receiver of spam says
something’s changed, or perhaps you’ve
ascended gracefully where you are free
of blatant chauvinism – not a treasured
nobody simply deceived by disingenuous
sellers of proprietary fake providence, or
not in an easy-to-influence genre, or less
a sure measure, more of an irregularity

Even email has cottoned on, it screens
fake from factual – could we program it
for news media and politicians claiming
intimate knowledge of exactly what was
meant by opposition colleagues; seems
to be their risible form of political spam

Its corollary deems their wisdom comes
from others mouths – believable as they
never listen to themselves or they’d be
shocked, amazed, mortified or dazed by
such dismal doggerel best saved for the
empty echoes of assembly chambers
© 24 October 2012, I. D. Carswell