26 November 2012

Their Edifice

their edifice

Weird isn’t the most learned word describing it
but it sure comes closer to the actual feeling –
it’s a sense of clandestine bewilderment where
there used to be hard-core response; you never
had to menu-garner customs relevant before,
awoken into a nouveau incarnation lacking
cued social precedents – no sets germane
to stifle this daunting silence

Err; you start to say, were you waiting on me –
and the answer is unstated and obvious; yes,
you were supposed to agree, but you’re not
sure why, with what, or the reason we’re all
here, if it matters anyway, but nod hesitantly
suggesting an SMS should have sufficed

Long-suffered smiles address that subjectively
as tired trivia and maybe changes climate to
something familiar – protagonists are clear &
posturing antagonists facing off; so it’s a play, 
a passage of theatre, you breathe with relief,
but the smile says, non, nettement

Family determines your fate in the nicest way –
whether deranged, senile or for the moment as
estranged as you seem, they will arbitrate nom
de guerre whether you play apace – or scream
sanctuary from the rafters of an edifice you’ve
built to protect their dreams; theirs is the only
path to glory elect – they say, so listen in and
learn what you’re going to do...
© 23 October 2012, I. D. Carswell