29 November 2012

Still A Pup

We named him ‘Hobo’ initially, a coal-black
peripatetic pig-hunting dog still a pup – to
a fault gentle-natured despite his breeding
he has rare qualities of humility which, for
unassertiveness when feeding means he’d
become thin as a rake; and thus he came,
made himself a home away from home

Scars about his ears and face tell his story
eloquently – lowest ranked with no favours
and low self-esteem, rejected nobody, yet
away from the kennel he excels sociably in
good grace, happily interfacing with us –
we’ve been visibly charmed while the pack
in their brutish mentality dismally fails

Now Podge has a cobber most days when
‘Blackie’ drops by to chew th’ fat or see if
more bikkies appeared while he was away;
he doesn’t bother to clarify or dismiss his
roving affectations, just takes a long nap
or manoeuvres his massive head without
pretence to rest peaceably in any lap
© 19 October 2012, I. D. Carswell

Blackie is actually named Chico and comes
from Melbourne, Vic which may explain his
unduly civilised behaviour