28 November 2012

Vast Heights


It is a rare competence we’ve seen bloom
over the years; he’s no nerdy kind of guy
or it’d’ve worn thin a long way back – but
an ability to see a lot more than’s obvious
without appearing a wise ass or absurdly
dogmatic is a blessing in disguise; that’s
the chap we’d come to know – the Saxon
who loves tractors with singular passion

Today we made another discovery, not a
revelation but of that fashion where a bit
of humility eases ignominy of finding the
tractor batteries flat – dead as dog turds
baked in the sun – and so we solved one
more who’s who on laying blame

Yet the gracious and willing way he aides
resolution with learning made easy helps
resolve and maintain his reputation; not
a repair job – no, won’t make that simple
mistake again, rising above adversity to
vast heights of his nearly thirteen years
© 20 October 2012, I. D. Carswell