30 December 2012


Hearing Aid

adjusting sound on a pair of recently acquired
hearing devices is like redesigning acoustics of
the Spheres – while effects are amazing it’s an
invasion of tranquilly, and where you had dwelt
unaware of cacophonies blaring from what was
the bliss of feral but mute territory; never went
there, never needed to, now it comes through
with an incessant traffic-roar of inclusion,

like bone creaks and tummy gurgles; gastric
fervours as chatty impetus allegedly worthy of
cultured banter – which even an ardent Koel’s
call eerily assures a learning curve where literal
meaning fumbled is lost in readjustment –
hastily since adjourned to the other World
© 26 November 2012, I. D. Carswell