29 December 2012

Omnivorous Mockery


Julie Bishop’s ‘get the PM’ campaign comes
in the sloppy wake of Joe Hockey’s botched
postulation taking pressure off of ‘The Bott’

Julie’s deranged bid for centre stage makes
an omnivorous mockery of that cute silence
but Tony Abbott’s not squeaky clean neither

It’s not like The Bott to sit out a scrap, he’s
renowned for biff – so maybe Media smells
rotten smoke signals and just won’t play it

Whether Julia Gillard was or was not naive
in that AWU slush fund fiasco of 20 years
back won’t grass Slater & Gordon’s lawns

They’ve backed an independent counsel’s
nothing to explain view, won’t open files or
aid Bishop’s flimsily fabricated case

This slop of unmitigated crap flopping from
Bishop’s tautly thin lips isn’t about PM Julia
but The Bott’s fading popularity

Tony ‘bugger-lugs’ can’t make the grade in
stakes where he’s a feral ring-in; the real
deal is just who runs things in Federal NLP

It ain’t cross-eyed Julie; she’s a sacrificial
lamb, an obvious non-entity creating an
ambit of rank bluster and dark innuendo
© 27 November 2012, I. D. Carswell

‘The Bott’     Tony Abbott, Leader of the Federal Opposition
Julie Bishop    Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition
Joe Hockey    Opposition spokesman for Finance
Julia Gillard    Prime Minister & Leader of Federal Labor Government
Slater & Gordon    Melbourne Law firm (Julia worked there once)