01 December 2012

Damp Hankies

Damp hankie

Railing at politicians is like driving
nails with a moist handkerchief –
while the idea may indicate grand
strategy back of it – getting them
face their inadequacy flails against
an inbuilt arrant egoist audacity

Reminders it is they who serve the
people & not the reverse discreetly
gets lost in the wash, their art-form
is to over-gloss the irreparable and
assert it mended within a phrase
already measured & interest paid

So we keep flailing the beasts with
damp hankies hoping to keep them
honest – at least we’d like to think
it poised with promise but who’s not
heard of the saying: liars, damned
liars – and (God forbid) politicians!
© 18 October 2012, I. D. Carswell