02 December 2012

Matter Of Identity


A matter of identity
not who you think you are
or what you claim to be; that is
too easily suspended in fanciful
images quite lavishly dreamed –

no, it’s an impartial
without moderation
of what others see
sort of thing,

like your name means zilch
but your skin tone says probably Caucasian,
and your eyes attest a tad of Asian blood
and what you’re eating guesses to
Middle Eastern origins:

harder ducking salutations like that
than a change of sandals, tho a turban
hefts a wicked bat if accompanied by
a pink skirt saying ‘whew!’

your self-view doesn’t matter –
identity is outside of that
safely immune to battery by ego-indulgence;
thus to any consensus – ‘it’ – (meaning you)
appears a pretentiously blasé male cross-dresser
of say 48 years with charitable friends,
so the legend goes –

and he’s OK, really – just great
to have around in an identity
© 17 October 2012, I. D. Carswell