11 December 2012



Th’ adage, easier'n a finger 'n th’
fanny’ll be fun
, is fine but it’s an
unkind peculiarity to pretend it
relief from a classic, sophistic
pain-in-the ass – or anatomical
thumb-span distant anyway

Moral debate won’t allay this spat;
it isn’t about digitising anything or
even deviant thinking – and what’s
weird about fingers in pies, cream
or French fries eaten with ‘em
? So
what’s really the matter?

A low form of humour it supposes
won’t play ball to rules we pray –
you’ll scan dictionaries anally for
disclosure – so, ‘fanny’ is British;
in literal origin feminine but it’s
still fingered a pain in the ‘ass’
© 27 October 2012, I. D. Carswell