12 December 2012

No Surprise


Quade’s demise after ‘in camera’ angst
comes as no surprise; maybe, like me,
he needs a hearing aid so’s he can get
fair feedback on what he actually said

Hey, a website dedicated to one’s own
fame (or desperation), or tweets with
bizarre implications posted on Twitter
don’t legitimate being out of touch

He’s pretty much that whether an also-
ran or heir apparent, and ego inflated
by immature notions of the difference
between infamy and fame

The ARU’s ideas about who is actually
disreputable differ naturally, they see
culpable naiveté; Rugby needs better
service from this talented lad

The next move is Quade Cooper’s and
if he is half as good as he claims then
he’ll gag himself, settle down, request
mercy from the Team he slagged
© 1 November 2012, I. D. Carswell