06 December 2012

Modest Complacency


Good intentions gave way to modest complacency;
when one achieves an unexpected advance from a
mass of intransigent rectitude – the management
of small business network dysplasia, a satisfied &
bald conceit is okay. Little seemed to be achieved
other than a back-up hoodoo defeated in hand to
hand combat, and that of new system restoration
parameters to conciliate missing-in-action and/or
dead-on-arrival boot disc ‘Neverland’ constraints

So at the end of the day and after a mess of major
updates smacking 700Mbytes, we’re rolling smugly
in self-satisfaction; but hey, who’d’ve thought that
seemingly unrelated problems were blood relatives
creating more knock-on effects than network slave
trading – first-rate security’s now latest versions of
whodunits & watcher’s primed to finally see things
the way we like to, and there is less angst gaining
access to what previously was inexplicably banned

So what was achieved? We can reboot our system
without having to explain who we are now or what
we’re going to do to a naive, paternalistic fusspot
auto-management program that didn’t give a toss
except to retain rules of bureaucratic engagement
– and I’d hoped I left the Public Service to wither
behind a facade of what matters to each official is
anarchy because the greater good was too thin a
disguise to explain anyway
© 5 November 2012, I. D. Carswell