07 December 2012

Fifth Estate

5th estate

Never really cared that much for ‘freedom
of the press’, although I read voraciously –
then met the mob who called their paper
‘Limited News – lots of Pompous Political
Predilections’ – that’s Murdoch’s cabal of
fancy boys and influential acquaintances;
should have named themselves ‘Foot
Sore Soldiers of The Liberal Coalition’

But you already noted that they properly
belong to the Fourth Estate and wonder
what this is about. OK, The First Estate is
Clergy, The Second Nobility, the masses
comprise The Third and the Press has its
place of pride in The Fourth

Where we’re at right now is the Fifth as it
isn’t run by Murdoch and his biased news-
wry henchmen; it is where we don’t need
power elites to have credibility – once we
could rely on ABC to keep our flag flying,
but those days it ain’t all that secure

Change is due; there’s more from where
this came than the press dares challenge –
you don’t need be patsies to anyone but
good reading skills and a few brains are
useful, obviously something the formal
Press had no readership respect for
© 2 November 2012, I. D. Carswell