10 January 2013



A day to make rag├╣, in this case classic
Bolognese with no garlic or herbs; that’s
it truly – no basil, no oregano

Minutely cubed pancetta ‘melted’ in the
pan, mezzaluna-diced soffritto of vegies, 
onion, carrot, celery, added to stew

Aromas entice – intriguing so subtlety
to discount views of such satisfying old
recipes blending gracefully with new

Then ground beef, splash of red wine,
tomato paste – culinary pace is slowed
to a gentle two hour simmer 

A hot afternoon & humidity too high and
pedestrian for plans to engage in sweaty
activity or lunatic games

It adds to the savour – and the wait, &
in grand finale ‘a panna di cottura’, milk
reduced by heat, is slowly added –

This the ‘gesture classique’ – and worth
time it takes to reach; there in a brief
compass of truth this dish is made
© 1 December 2012, I. D. Carswell