09 January 2013



After a night of theatrical posturing about who
really rules after dark, you’d like to sleep fĂȘted
today no doubt – and of right, undisturbed;

Rethink it Mr Courageous – absconding’s as
characteristic of your might as is hiding sissy-
like a under a bed during an electrical storm

To think a Jack Russell wracked by unbearable
angst could shamelessly, or so quickly, forget –
and masquerade as the last of the brave

But there we have our warrior; all bluster and
pretence no less delivered with grand panache
in a comprehensively canine charade

That we see a human side excuses culpability
in a sense opportunistically exploited by said
reprobate with more exasperate behaviour

So today my friend we celebrate the evasion
of last night’s leash restraint with a pleasant
spell for you in Coventry – doggy edition

We’ll get respite from your dogmatism – and
tonight you’ll be too tired to play fancy free
games with your imagination
© 1 December 2012, I. D. Carswell