15 January 2013


Man's feet in slippers next to bed

Now if you could make changes in the same
unfussed way as slipping feet into slippers –
that’d be a boon, needless engagement is
unnecessary, fulfilment is guaranteed

In negation it isn’t true change but a means
of doing something familiar without abusing
the space you were having difficulty in, a bit
like imbibing aspirin for toothache

Yet you don’t want to make a commotion of
what is mostly uncomplicated – all that you
think you need is comfortable feet, ‘n glory
be, it works literally, is simply a treat

That barefoot letterbox trip won’t prey on
imagination and conveying food scraps to
the compost bin is not an ordeal; swiftly it
escalates into an all-new perspective

And there’s the change – regeneration thru
attitude-blending mundane routines; clean
and clear, comforting like the nestling in of
a pair of feet into familiar slippers
© 6 December 2012, I. D. Carswell