14 January 2013

Beat The Heat


Contemporary living’s far more tendentious
than the lives of our forebears – where they
found ways and means to beat the heat we
believe we achieved the lead in all things
except their perseverance and practicality

And it makes sense to agree we lost the
plot, if we ever had it, in coping with that
call of adversity – nowadays your beating
the heat means diligently avoiding it so as
to prove oneself a demonstrably superior

Technocrat in hierarchy where all wallow
restraint-free – the ontology of which is
bleeding an ancient mysticism wearing
the absolute power of economies to weigh
and lay waste in today’s dollar-hegemony

But we can’t be removed from where all of
those features allow or we’d be banished
to a place no less comfortable than an old
purview of pioneering; ‘twas described an
arduous test of the tough and the brave

Few know fleeing contemporary malaise
is an odyssey’s blind journey; in seeking
the roots of untrammelled meaning a small
step replete achieves insight and writes a
giant forward leap for mankind
© 5 December 2012, I. D. Carswell