29 January 2013


Whether to be amused by this morning’s news
or puzzled by hearsay infected with emergent
but unconscious stupidity really bothers me;
should I care if Moreton Bay Regional Council
raises rates which seem way out of character
or that Bribie residents are spewing gaily? In
an earlier announcement the Council claimed
to need a ‘special infrastructure’ charge, wait

for it – yes, on roads and drainage! Bribie’s
inches away from being submerged anyway –
a wiser rate might have been for moorage or
piers, maybe immense quantities of earth in
an encircling levee – you don’t need to be a
genius to disagree on a drainage fee

Maybe raising expectations in commonsense
would be schemes aiding relocation services,
one thing you can guarantee is the sea isn’t
going away; but Council’s into managing the
finances adroitly – and if there’s money in it
there’s a greedy mouth or three to feed
© 18 December 2012, I. D. Carswell