27 January 2013



So the World didn’t end; should I be somewhat
disappointed – if I was Mayan, or a believer, or
the purveyor of exciting forecasts about future
calamities. I’m none of them, I’m okay with our
planet as is, give or take a few fellow travellers
who cannot or won’t see the obvious – alright,
that isn’t quite like refusing to accept imminent
cessation of the life we currently live

Disaster’s on the way – it won’t change if you
pray benign gods now and not money games,
it’s too late to redress where we came from, or
who’s liable, because the fan’s full of our shit,
whether we excreted it or our forbears did – it
doesn’t matter a wit, it’ll happen anyhow
© 21 December 2012, I. D. Carswell