26 January 2013

Proscribed Tenancy


Can’t say which disappoints me more,
a supposed 21 12 2012 calamity that
didn’t happen on the exact day or the
damn dog disagreeing there is a need
for him to obey normal access laws –

by his reckoning ingress via the sliding
screens isn’t door usage and therefore
in no way a proscribed deal of tenancy;
learning to open them was dead easy
even if not exactly applauded

on the other hand an apocalypse that
didn’t even happen makes doomsday
a fairy-tale threat without a preclusion
clause – a damp rather than wet peril
which the dog sees quite acceptable

and I tried to say you’ve got to modify
your behaviour – it isn’t me granting a
free, unrestricted admission to midges,
flies and your bloody fleas, is it? Which
he denies is the case

that apocalypse thingy isn’t the end of
sensible reasoning or an excuse to be
dispossessed by late admission we’re
doomed anyway; lets compromise, he
requests – and discuss this a bit later
© 22 December 2012, I. D. Carswell