04 January 2013

Special Gift


Christmas just four weeks away – hey, seems
the fantasy’s worn thin, there’s none of those
wild ideas about hastening the celebration, no
manic energy burning the days in between; a
sign of age you’d think, that planned survival
subtlety of avoiding shopping precincts & the
malls tending to overcrowding even in the off
season – maybe going via eBay’s online-click
easing any iniquitous checkout congestion –
it isn’t the same as disinvesting your money,
it was going to change hands anyway, so get
with the flow, build new Xmas traditions

These are days where we dwell in a spring of
intimacy, of novel thoughts gracing the niche
with effortless elegance, it is the same space
where Thermomix TM31 is a revelation short
but only just, of what you’d claim conned the
cognoscenti ‘til they recognised fantasy lives
on in the story-tale way that this unique gift
to your true love came to pass
© 21 November 2012, I. D. Carswell