27 February 2013



Not ill-will but impertinence with a spatter of disdain –
a stance gleaned from indolence perhaps; if we had to
renegotiate exactly what were the central issues there
would still be dissonance at the core – and not from a
disagreement on priorities. It’s about pride as much as
philosophy and greater good isn’t as clear cut as a little
girl’s freedom to run whirlwind riots through the social
graces in an intifada of egocentric indifference

Showing her the same manners won’t justify or placate
outpourings of manic behaviour, ‘it works if you get all
you want’ is her philosophy – ‘why learn deference, it is
wasted energy because they always forgive’; ok it isn’t
as grandiose as a mad moment of clapping our hands
together – but I too dance to my own tune anyway
© 29 January 2013, I. D. Carswell