04 February 2013

Feminist View


In any hierarchy you know how
surplus you are when anonymous
events actually bare your sole
in the singular sense exactly; I
almost said soul but a moment
of reflection guesses at spiritual
entities in the woodwork being
too farfetched – even for this
case of innocuous randomness

If you’re enumerating adversity
or getting sadistic kicks being
centre of a seething mess then
how rat-shit things come in 3’s
isn’t better demonstrated – so I
take it personally; sure, it’s only
the dishwasher malfunctioning –
yet devotedly invested care and
attention hasn’t solved a thing

When reflecting this is instance
#3 with the two previous events
inexplicably rectified without me
having a brass-razoo clue what
was really wrong – now I make
a point of finding out, knew this
time about what was on & how
to cope, and it miserably failed,
can you see the ribald irony?

Naivety is bliss indeed; maybe
I was meant to cop this on the
chin for assuming arrogantly I
knew – or could ever know the
why, how or what ‘analogy’ on
venerable behaviour dreamed
sweet in the practical lot of an
indubitably feminist view
© 7 January 2013, I. D. Carswell