05 February 2013

Inhuman Services


Let us say that the reason we feel
we’ve been accused of monstrous
crime is because you treat us this
way; there’s no presupposition of
innocence until a case is made or
proved and we’ve been told we’re
in breach of disclosure rules that
apply only because you say so

When you hide behind cachets of
absolute authority in deciding for
whom those rules apply it is clear
you do discriminate – hostility we
feel is real enough in making you
worthy of our unabashed disgust

Can you ever see the error of your
way? Are you crocodile skinned to
be able to function within a set of
arbitrary edicts exposing only you
to clear focus of an aimed crossed-
hair rage you’ve truly earned?

So we’ll say we don’t find you even
slightly human and thus don’t need
to feel slighted by tacit accusations
we’re trying to defraud you in your
benighted attempts to be godlike –
you’d have that failed anyway
© 3 January 2013, I. D. Carswell