23 February 2013

Good Deed

The ‘good deed’ failed miserably – more a damp
contusion than an unkind infarct, but this heart
aches none-the-less; rain wasn’t supposed to be
first inclination today, thus twenty pairs of girly
knickers, (‘pairs’ = one-piece pretties tinier than
a lace hanky) languish on the clothesline – little
chance I’ll be forgiven a damp panties oversight
as I’m in the hot seat, and wilfully baking bread

My pair of ladies (four & nearly three) will need
to be home quite soon, otherwise explaining my
lapse in lavish scent-pervaded atmosphere with
favours of aromatic mixed grain new-baked loaf
fades into scandals of indolence; but no worries
Pop they’ll say, we’ll go bare-bum any day
© 24 January 2013, I. D. Carswell