23 February 2013

Of Longing


Clearing an impress of nostalgia makes
this another implausibility – there is no
easy egress from what is the last scene
of what you are; never was who – why
bother; its why tritely applied soy sauce
personalities, ingredients too unsubtle
to be essence, always fade. There is,
or was a unity of purpose in something
where the meaning tasted like the real
thing – you as you correctly concluded

Passed GO too many times to be that
immune, or naive, but the scene never
seemed to change enough to require a
complete re-evaluation; yet today that
meaning is as pointless as your seeing
alternatives to being whomever – and
if you’ve parsed those relics of history
then the best analogy truly prevails
© 25 January 2013, I. D. Carswell

For Christian on his 38th birthday