24 February 2013

No Flies


Flatten flies or configure a Wi-Fi device – believe I’m
almost refined enough to do both simultaneously –
hey, I made that disclosure seem less an ego trip
and more a matter of necessity; flies I can see but
mosquitoes surreptitiously make statements biting
on the sly – kind of like a rogue Wi-Fi connection, or
a likeness to covert operations where you see who
you need to observe clearly but remain concealed
keeping your task and objectives prioritised

This printing task needs a Group pc connection to
effect scheduling, that’s the Wi-Fi bit, and circling
flies distract attention from predatory mosquitoes
and their successful ambuscades – and it works;
so if they do it without being seen so can I, and
thus an itchy scratching Wi-Fi plan comes to pass,
colours flying; now we’ve an access achieved to
where the printer’s at and Birthday Boy’s poem
rests printed neatly at its happy feet
© 25 January 2013, I. D. Carswell