01 February 2013

The Chasing Begins

Whoever coined the phrase chasing cobwebs
made understatement into a masterpiece of
homespun redundancy. One does not ‘chase’
the mongrel things, they stay where they’re
at without much thought on it; guess it is as
much a given as learning to notice where the
beasts lurk without having a wee coronary –
naturally, of course, they’re everywhere!

So if what we’re chasing isn’t exactly running
away why’s it seem so certain to fail?
Ever tried cleaning before cobwebs gather the
cruel dust making them easier to see? No, of
course not because what you cannot see isn’t
imaginary enough in your worst fears – that is
until the day you have to start cleaning. And it
is then that the chasing begins...
© 10 January 2013, I. D. Carswell