31 January 2013



First day of the New Year and already
resolutions made firm wear thin – ok,
not plural declarations, really just one
where you’d sworn not to become an
obsessive maniac when things fall off
the rails; but our dishwasher decides
against a clean slate start, chokes &
pukes, raises dour expectations

There’s no comfort knowing this isn’t
the first event for a beast unlikely to
heed reason until it’s gained as much
cruel attention as it can, so to remain
resolute and save my sanity I simply
am not going to hear it today
© 1 January 2013, I. D. Carswell

Turns out it wasn’t entirely the dishwasher’s
fault – cleaning out drainage pipes seems to
have resolved what had initially proposed a
Bosch electronics glitch! For the moment it is
singing sweetly as water discharged gurgles
merrily away... I don’t expect it to last for an
obvious reason – I still don’t know what was 
or is its primary cause!