04 March 2013

A Better Epitaph


Calling Anthony Mundine a wanker and exposing
contempt goes below the belt for me; although’ he’s
too ‘out there’ to ignore it isn’t supposed to be a
comedy, so what he’s not an intellectual I might
enjoy a bit of bon mot trading with, and besides,
even after a thrashing he’ll still have audacity of
an out-of-control enigma masquerading as total
calamity in a convolutedly but pugilistic way

Don’t doubt his Aboriginality – respected his Dad
who earned it without theatrics – Anthony’s flash
boy compared with him & talented for sure, even
smart, but wise? Hardly matters in the dollar deli
World where he plays loose and fancy free – but
sadly I don’t see it as his better epitaph
© 1 February 2013, I. D. Carswell