10 March 2013

Hobson’s Choice



What the hell’s going on you’d like to think
but finding this company was established
in 1837 to supply gas for public lights, aha,
a hint of illumination; it’s the Australian Gas
Light (AGL) Company still around and still
screwing bills with the same panache they
no doubt have done for 175 years. So gee
it’s likely I won’t be the only complainant

Originally from Sydney, NSW; established
now in Sunshine, VIC – maybe a raw clue
in that too, they’ve an inflated offering of
energy supplies with power being a most
recent of their portfolio inflicted on QLD –
and all they do is issue bills erroneously!

Seems they haven’t anyone wise enough
to read SEQEB (i.e., Energex) meters, able
to set up parameters in their system &/or
calculate a bill correctly, or so they say in
a briefly worded apology – my bitch stays
the same, that I still didn’t get a choice
© 8 February 2013, I. D. Carswell