11 March 2013

Cricket In The Rain



On the pitch it isn’t raining, it’d mean
suspended play, they’d cover th’ track –
and no TV coverage delay either, nor
here in the lounge where we’re okay,
thank-you – but in wide-open spaces
beyond the screen door the scenes
dismal; Podge, m’ doggy mate agrees
it ain’t no place for a dog to be

He’s a prejudiced, colour-blind and
legendary blue-team fan, it matters
not a whit to him who wins unless
it’s allied to a snack he’s amenable
to regardless of team affiliations or
the conditions attached

Podge sees no glory in a Mitchell
Johnson demolition of West Indies
top order batsmen – and as umpires
are the only guys actually in blue, he’s
not, needless to say, impressed with
the green team’s ascendency

Derailing his red-blue blindness is a
waste – if they move I’ll see ‘em he
says, besides the commentators are
biased beyond belief – incessantly
regaling th’ mob with most players
clustered on th’ paddock is unreal

Agreed, and in the circumstances I
would be a rat to make you stay –
so off y’ go mate, but if you peer
through the door at variance with
umpiring decisions for the rest of
the innings, I’ll become one
© 8 February 2013, I. D. Carswell