13 March 2013

Put To Rights



Dang, why do y’ bother – put in th’ hearing aids
t’ hear more of th’ same crap, got to be a smart
way to negotiate that; a smaller version of what
y’ think you’re supposed to be isn’t all that easy
to live with – but the advantage of knowing it is
an answer avoided from way back; who gives a
shit! You obviously don’t, surely won’t listen for
clues to anyone’s paternity unless undecided

So impress me with your goddam wisdom – not
the tabloid meaning of trite day-to-day epithets
we’re beyond that drivel; there is a real chance
of vacancies looming here with reconciliation’s
ambit of filling them before breakfasts cereal’s
become too soggy again to put to rights
© 9 February 2013, I. D. Carswell